MAPLE Business Council® promotes investment, trade and entrepreneurship between the United States and Canada. Our first chapter focuses on the bilateral investment, trade and entrepreneurship opportunities between Southern California and Canada. Our mission is to be the cross-border business focal point within each region and support opportunities for growth and collaboration.  We are business bridge-builders and opportunities can and should travel in both directions.

MAPLE Business Advisors

The community we represent forms a networking foundation for engaging MAPLE in contracted tailored cross-border business development programs through our MAPLE Business Advisors team. These can include:

  • In-market representation

  • Lead generation campaigns for investment opportunities

  • Market analysis and research

  • Structured market navigation for Canadian entrepreneurs

  • Tailored engagements

  • Trade and business development missions

"MAPLE has been a pivotal force in our US go-to-market strategy. As a fast growing Ontario tech company with a novel product we faced the common challenge of convincing our higher end US leads to deploy our solution organization wide. Within the first week of joining MAPLE we were introduced to an agency lead that owned 30% of the US auto shows and dealership kit market. We were promptly connected with the decision makers whom then were more than happy to give us a small scale pilot. It has been three months since and now we are in the works of planning out an organization wide roll-out. Every introduction we have received from the MAPLE network has been warm and fruitful. Stephen and Robert are both highly respected career long professionals with a massive network of high caliber individuals and organizations. We highly recommend their work in lead generation, marketing, networking, and mentorship."

-Sam Seo, Business Development at Liveguage - Communitech REV Program Company & Ryerson DMZ Alumnus

For more information on contracting MAPLE Business Advisors to support your cross-border initiatives, please contact Stephen Armstrong ( or Robert Kelle (