MAPLE Business Council® is an executive-level organization promoting cross-border investment, trade and entrepreneurship between Canada and the United States. Our first chapter, MAPLE - The Canadian-U.S. Business Council of Southern California, connects businesses in Canada and Southern California and among Southern California businesses with Canadian connections. Our members and sponsors bring together the knowledge, expertise and resources to help businesses successfully penetrate and excel in these markets.

How Do We Support You?


Market Information and Analysis

You run a business. You have an idea. You have a vision. Let MAPLE help you understand the market opportunities that await.  As an executive-level organization sponsored by leading organizations with the insight, experience and expertise to help businesses succeed, MAPLE will help you to learn more about growing your business in Canada and the U.S.

Access to Subject Matter Experts and Leading Organizations

We share a common heritage. We are Canadian. We are Californians. Our Southern California chapter of MAPLE is the only business networking organization dedicated to helping cross-border investments between Canada and Southern California. Access a network of business professionals who can help you learn more about the business opportunities that exist and to connect with those who are seeking to build their business in our markets.

Promote Your Business Through Networking Opportunities

Seeking to help businesses interested in growing in Canada or Southern California? Does your brand or business need more visibility to an audience of business leaders who know each market? Let our MAPLE Southern California chapter help you share your vision, your story, your success. We can help members to showcase their business to our growing community of business leaders.

Leadership Connections Among Targeted Businesses

Our MAPLE chapter in Southern California brings together leaders spanning multiple verticals and domain expertise. Put this network to work for your business as your sounding board of directors who share a common interest and knowledge of what it takes to succeed in Canada and Southern California.

Enable Your Organization for Success

Time is money and hindsight is 20/20. Join MAPLE Business Council to enable your business to connect with leading organizations who can help you make the right decisions.