MAPLE Business Council - Our Fourth Anniversary

In recognition of the fourth anniversary since the founding of MAPLE Business Council®, we want to take a step back and say thank you. It is because of the support and participation of our members, team, board, partners and network that MAPLE has continued to grow as a community and a voice on behalf of bilateral investment, trade and entrepreneurship opportunities between Southern California and Canada.

Participating in Select LA 2019 - A Vancouver Journal

The Select LA Summit is held annually by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) that owns the rights to the local World Trade Center franchise. Like its larger counterpart, Select USA, Select LA is an investment attraction event intended to bring and retain investment into the L.A. region. As MAPLE Business Council is a partner of World Trade Center LA, and their CEO Stephen Cheung has been so kind to speak in Vancouver and Toronto, I thought it would be good for me to show my support by joining them on this occasion.

From Vancouver to Southern California - Attending a MAPLE Quarterly Event Series

We have hosted several events in Vancouver since I became MAPLE’s Business Ambassador to BC in 2017 but this was my first trip down to SoCal for one of their quarterly grouping of three events in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. On this Wednesday December 4th I head out mid afternoon on one of three daily nonstop flights on Air Canada from Vancouver to San Diego to be fresh for our first meeting at the Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Only three hours gate to gate and no time zone changes, the geographic and time zone proximity between B.C. and SoCal can’t be understated. It is sunny in Vancouver today but only a high of 4c however we will be arriving to sunny skies and 21c in San Diego. Another benefit for Canadians to join the MAPLE events in SoCal during the winter.

Discover Québec, Canada - Our Mission Brings Us Closer

MAPLE Business Council® is excited to be presenting a comprehensive tour of one of Canada's most dynamic and vibrant centers of innovation and collaboration as we visit Québec, Canada. Our three-day mission on June 13-15, 2018, will provide our delegates with a window on Québec's leading sectors as well as their unique and highly successful industry cluster economic model.

Showcasing MAPLE Member & Partner Insights

We created MOMENTUM because there is a wealth of expertise and insights throughout the MAPLE membership and our strategic partners. A monthly e-newsletter seemed a practical way to celebrate some of the collective expertise in our community beyond the one-to-one networking that occurs at our 12 networking events throughout Southern California, our outbound delegations to major Canadian markets, our special event programming, and our social media. And while a lot can certainly be said in a tweet, the topics of trade, investment, and entrepreneurship are simply deserving of a little more substance.

Connecting Southern California & British Columbia

With a population of close to 40 million, California has had a long-standing relationship with Canada and BC.  Within California, Southern California with a population base of over 22 million brings in combination with BC a total combined population of almost 27 million connected within the same time zone only 2.5 hours away by plane.  Many BC residents know Southern California from childhood trips to Disneyland while many Southern Californians know BC through Alaska cruises or ski trips to Whistler. In fact, today the annual number of air passengers traveling between Vancouver and Southern California exceeds 1 million passengers a year, almost 200,000 more than that between Vancouver and Mainland China

Los Angeles: A Thriving Business Destination

It’s the holiday season—a time when temperatures drop and many Canadians look toward Los Angeles, planning winter getaways that break up the long cold winter. But while Canadian vacationers come to L.A. seeking sunshine, beaches, and attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios, a growing number of Canadian businesses head to the Southland because they see the wealth of investment, talent, and market opportunities available in the region.

Celebrating Our 2nd Anniversary

MAPLE Business Council wishes to thank our members, board, sponsors, partners and followers on the occasion of the second anniversary since launching our cross-border organization. A special thank you to our ambassadors and volunteers who have sacrificed their valuable time to help grow our organization. We appreciate everyone's participation and contributions to our mission of connecting Southern California and Canada more closely together. To mark the milestone, we have developed a new infographic to profile the MAPLE community "By the Numbers".

The Southern California Innovation Corridor - Excellence Spans Our Coast

Excellence spans our coast. Silicon Beach, Pasadena, Irvine, San Diego, Downtown LA and Santa Barbara – the names are all familiar. Many of us have visited for business or pleasure. But how much do we know of these communities as centers of innovation? Moreover, how are they different from each other in their sector focus and supporting ecosystems? And if I am seeking to launch my innovation in SoCal, which is the best location for my startup?

Canadians in California Through the Lens of Facebook

Canada is our neighbour to the north. The one who spells neighbour with a "u".

Generally it is a country we don't spend much time thinking about even though (or perhaps because) we share the longest undefended border in the world and have forged the world's largest trade and security partnership. Over $734 billion a year in two-way goods and services trade in fact. That's $1.4 million per minute. Canada is our #1 customer nationally buying more from the U.S. than does any other nation and that includes all 28 nations in the European Union - combined.