The roots of MAPLE Business Council® first began in 2010 with the formation of a Canadian social network, Canadians in Orange County, to bring together Canadian expatriate families and friends to celebrate a shared heritage. Nine years later, the social network is as vibrant as ever and comes together to share holidays, music and sporting events as well as a great Canadian Thanksgiving feast.

Our Southern California chapter of MAPLE is unique in being directly connected to a growing community of Canadian consumers within the heart of our Southern California business network. This is especially valuable to Canadian consumer businesses who are seeking to plant their own roots in Southern California and for whom a soft landing can benefit from not only the expertise of our MAPLE member organizations but a warm consumer market hungry and thirsty for their favourite Canadian brands to be available locally.

MAPLE is first and foremost a B2B network of senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors and institutions; however, as part of our services to our members, we can offer connectivity to a B2C network for welcoming Brands to California. This extends further to our affiliate social networking groups in Los Angeles and San Diego too.

So if you are a consumer brand looking to grow in Southern California, MAPLE brings an expert business network & a welcoming consumer network to support your growth. It is a consumer dividend that comes with being a MAPLE member.

Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer, Brand-to-California, Brand-to-Canadians.