Welcome to Media-Corps


They say necessity is the mother of invention and that’s exactly what has triggered the big changes that are happening here in Southern California right now.

The continuing success and growth of our Canadian media-buying company, Media-Corps, has led to the creation of UNIVERSE Group, a brand-development group specializing in media buying, data informed brand management, and creative and commerce strategies.
Media-Corps' founder, Robert Laplante,  was frustrated by what he saw as an outdated and defunct agency model. He wanted to help brands accelerate their success and growth by applying marketing methods that are relevant to today’s rapidly changing consumer habits.

Through his years working with clients at Media-Corps, he realized the best way he could really help clients solve their problems in a cohesive manner was to bring together experts from a range of complementary fields to head individual companies under one umbrella: UNIVERSE. This way, Laplante felt he could view clients’ marketing challenges through one aligned focal point, instead of them starting from scratch with each aspect of their marketing needs.

Let’s take the luxury lifestyle golf brand, Iliac Golf (www.iliacgolf.com), as an example. Iliac is a brand looking to develop its market presence. It came to UNIVERSE for help. By partnering with the brand (UNIVERSE now has the capabilities to invest financially when it makes sense), we can support them with organic marketing, media, digital design, e-commerce (including Amazon), video production and more. With our strong focus on tying everything together with advanced data collection and analysis, we are now able to do so much more than we ever dreamed possible to help grow brands.

Based in Carlsbad, Media-Corps connects U.S.-based brands and agencies to Canadian media. It is the exclusive sales representative for 17 of Canada's largest broadcast, out-of-home, digital, and print media companies. Using cutting-edge marketing technology and the latest consumer data Media-Corps cuts through the noise to maximize advertising ROI. To learn more, visit www.media-corps.com, or call (866) 744-9890.