Unstoppable Conversations Joins MAPLE Business Council


We are delighted to welcome a new member organization to our cross-border community, Edmonton, Alberta-based, Unstoppable Conversations.

Unstoppable Conversations (UC) is a cultural and leadership transformation consulting firm based in Edmonton Alberta, with representation in British Columbia, Ontario, and California. Working across many different sectors and industries, some of UC's clients include Google, The City of Edmonton, The Dene Nation, Flaman Group of Companies and Earls Restaurant Chain. Their unique approach is pioneering a new category of consulting and development where leaders seek out an intentional disruption for themselves and/or for their organization, in service of a much greater and unprecedented future. 

The Unstoppable Conversations proprietary methodology provides access to blind-spots that all leaders and organizations have - automatic everyday conversations that dominate most of their interactions; patterns of speech and ingrained assumptions that are so taken-for-granted that they go unnoticed for years and for decades and constrain the range of available actions. These "default" conversations are historical, shared, and limiting. Once identified entirely new conversations, views, and actions become immediately available for organizations to realize extraordinary results within a surprisingly short time.

Representing UC in our MAPLE community are the following partners: Deborah Hartnett Kennedy, Partner Southern California; Kevin Gangel, Founding Partner, Edmonton, Alberta; and Vik Maraj, Founding Partner, Edmonton, Alberta.

Please join us in welcoming Unstoppable Conversations to MAPLE. For more information, please visit www.unstoppableconversations.com.