MAPLE® receptions are an opportunity to learn from fellow businesses and member organizations about a wide variety of topics relevant to Canada-U.S. cross-border investment, trade and entrepreneurship. To request a copy of one of the presentations from our Southern California chapter, please fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest.

Understanding Opportunity Zone Funds

From the law firm, Snell & Wilmer LLP, partners Garth Stevens and Marc Schultz provide an overview of Opportunity Zone Funds. These funds are the subject of an exciting new IRS-sponsored incentive program that promotes capital investment in economically disadvantaged areas throughout the country, including substantial portions of Southern California, by providing qualified investors with the potential for substantial federal income tax savings.   The Opportunity Zone Fund program has already triggered a groundswell of business development and investment activity in the past six months and may end up as one of the most significant government-backed investment initiatives of the next decade.
MAPLE Spring Receptions ‘19 - San Diego/Irvine/Los Angeles

Canadian Capital Markets for U.S. Growth Companies

While going public may not be on the radar of most SoCal companies, Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange are a unique funding and listing platform for high growth US companies looking to raise Series B+ capital. This presentation by Ms. Delilah Panio, vp capital formation - Southern California from TMX Group, owners of the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange, highlights how to use the public markets for growth, the key considerations for going public, and why companies (and their investors) with early revenue, strong management team, and a growth strategy to get to Nasdaq should consider the Canadian capital markets as an alternative that may be the right fit. MAPLE Winter Events ‘18 - La Jolla/Pasadena/Costa Mesa

Navigating North-South Moves

Not many people are aware of the financial implications of a Canada/US cross-border move.  Yet, it can have a long-term impact on their financial well being.  Regulations and tax reporting requirements concerning investments can be complicated.  Security selection and currency are other factors that come into play.  This presentation by Ms. Bernardine Perreira Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner at Perreira Hurly Wealth Advisory of Raymond James (USA) Ltd. (Member FINRA/SIPC), will provide some timely recommendations on how Canadians living in the United States and Americans moving to Canada can navigate what sometimes feels like the 'white waters' of cross-border financial management. MAPLE Winter Events ‘18 - La Jolla/Pasadena/Costa Mesa

Get to Know Avison Young in Commercial Real Estate

Avison Young is the fastest growing commercial real estate firm in North America. Through organic growth, strategic acquisitions, and a client service model that is unique in the industry, Avison Young is expanding its global footprint from its roots in Canada. Southern California is a key market focus. In this presentation, Avison Young profiles their growth and their client service model. MAPLE Fall Event ‘18 LA/Anaheim

Get to Know New Brunswick, Canada - Cybersecurity, Digital Health & Workforce Strategy

The province of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada is more than a great place to live, work and play. It is a dynamic sandbox environment for global businesses and start-ups to create, innovate and grow by tapping into New Brunswick's ecoystem of academia, enterprise, talent, and government who are all 'a phone call away' in this intimate bilingual and collaborative region. Learn more about the advantages New Brunswick has to offer and their initiatives in cybersecurity, digital health as well as the workforce strategy services of Opportunities NB. MAPLE Summer Event '18 San Diego/Irvine/LA

How to Navigate a Successful Cross-Border Move

D'Alessio Law Group profiles the U.S. and Canadian immigration options that are available to executives, entrepreneurs, creative talent, and highly skilled workers in the current political/immigration landscape within the United States. MAPLE Summer Event '18 San Diego/Irvine/LA

Cybersecurity & Business Email Compromise

xahive, inc. is an Ottawa-based cybersecurity firm with a growing presence in Southern California including an office in Los Angeles. In her presentation to the MAPLE Spring 2018 events in Southern California, co-founder and ceo, Sem Ponnambalam, shared how businesses can protect themselves from Business Email Compromise (BEC). In this presentation, you will understand:

  • What is Business Email Compromise and who is often targeted?

  • Why should you be concerned about BEC?

  • What are the costs associated with your business email being compromised?

  • How are cybercriminals using AI & social engineering to target you for BEC?

  • What steps should you take to prevent BEC?

  • Who should you report BEC?

MAPLE Spring Event '18 San Diego/LA/Irvine

Cannabis in Canada

The Cannabis industry is growing in Canada and the synergy between the industries in California and Canada will only increase when adult use of cannabis becomes legal across Canada in July 2018. BLG lawyers and cannabis industry experts, Dr.David Wood and LuAnne Morrow, discuss the intersection of regulations and business, how US companies are taking advantage of the opportunities the changes in the law presents in Canada along with branding and advertising cannabis for medical and adult use, licensing, patents and technological innovation in the cannabis industry. MAPLE Winter Event '17 LA/Irvine/San Diego

The Changing Workplace of Today

In a future with technology that allows nearly everyone to work from anywhere, do you think people will still travel to office to work? What is the office of the future going to look and feel like? In addition, the pressure for workplace change is for higher than ever before impacting every organization at all levels. Teknion's workplace strategists have been studying these issues and share their point of view. Ron Frantz, Regional Vice President of Teknion in Southern California, presents an overview of this exciting topic. MAPLE Winter Event '17 LA/Irvine/San Diego

Corporate Resilience: A Business Lawyer's Guide When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies

Garth Stevens, partner at the law firm, Snell & Wilmer, LLP, and board member of MAPLE Business Council, shares recommendations at to actions that companies should (and should not) take from a business law perspective when faced with adverse situations that may give rise to legal disputes or claims. Viewed through the lens of "corporate resilience" and the framework of leveraging systems, processes, and culture to effect holistic change, topics covered include best practices for dealing with contact breaches, litigation threats, data security breaches, regulatory violations and investigations, and employee misconduct. MAPLE Fall Event '17 San Diego/Irvine/LA

Tax and Legal Considerations for Globally Mobile Employers

Mo Ahmad, founder of Vancouver-based, Westmark Tax, discusses U.S. and Canadian tax issues for companies with employees who are working or moving across the border including permanent transfers and short-term or business travelers. Global mobility is a complex topic encompassing a number of different legal disciplines (tax, employment, securities rules, corporate compliance, immigration, etc.). Laws vary by country and by provinces/regions within each country with numerous multilateral agreements and treaties. Increasing complexity and scrutiny is making it more difficult to send people to work outside their home jurisdiction. The presentation also covers personal tax issues and executive compensation plans from a company perspective with best practices identified. MAPLE Fall Event '17 San Diego/Irvine/LA

Opportunities New Brunswick

Learn about one of Canada's most dynamic regions, the Province of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada. Ideally situated to connect with business in Europe and across North America in the same day, New Brunswick offers many advantages for businesses to locate and grow. In this presentation from Opportunities NB, we discover some of the primary market advantages that IBM, Salesforce, Siemens and many other leading multinational firms are already benefiting from. Discover New Brunswick's talent, ecosystem and momentum. New Brunswick - North America's Nearshore Business Services Capital. MAPLE Summer Event '17 San Diego/LA/Irvine

The Story of allura printing inc.

In this presentation, Mr. David Gagnon, President/CMO of Costa Mesa-based allura printing, inc., shares the Québec, Canada roots of the commercial and book printing business he co-founded with his brother René. The presentation also includes data on Ebook and printed book sales trends. allura is now celebrating their 10th anniversary providing printing services for a diverse clientele of leading brands, publishers and self-published authors. MAPLE Winter Event '16 Irvine

Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti - Economic Development

Mr. David Reich, Deputy Director of International Trade at the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, provides an overview of the trade, investment and tourism relationship that Los Angeles and Canada enjoy. Profiles of the work of the International Trade Team and the other departments that comprise the Mayor's Office of Economic Development (MOED) are also presented. MAPLE Winter Event '16 Los Angeles

Why Invest in San Diego?

Economic Development Director for the City of San Diego, Mr. Erik Caldwell, shares an overview of some of the noteworthy successes and innovations that originated in San Diego as well as information on the City's strengths in talent, innovation, convergence, global connectivity, quality of life and entrepreneurship. What can you make a little better in San Diego? MAPLE Winter Event '16 San Diego

Tax Credits for Businesses

Mr. Stefan Joyner, Business Development Manager in Southern California for Armanino, LLP, sheds light on key tax credits available to businesses, some of which that are not well known or understood. His presentation covers R&D Tax Credits, R&D Payroll Offset Opportunities and Partial Manufacturing/R&D Sales Tax Exemption. Armanino is the largest CPA and consulting firm in California. MAPLE Winter Events '16/San Diego/Irvine/Los Angeles.

Expanding San Diego's Global Presence

In this presentation, Dr. Nikia Clarke, Executive Director of the World Trade Center San Diego discusses global trends in trade, the work of the WTCSD and the depth of the relationship between Canada and the San Diego region. MAPLE Fall Event '16 San Diego

Canada - San Diego's #1 Business Partner

Mr. Frédéric Fournier, Head of Office for the Consulate General of Canada in San Diego, shared an overview of the trade commissioner service at work in San Diego. MAPLE Fall Event '16 San Diego

The Role of The Immigration Attorney in Cross-Border Business Today and Tomorrow

D'Alessio Law Group managing attorney, Lorraine D'Alessio, with partner attorney Liz Profumo and attorney Jack Sung, shared perspectives on the role of the immigration attorney in cross-border business in the context of the opportunities that increasing globalization offers to businesses and to our economy. MAPLE Summer Event '16 - Los Angeles/Irvine/Carlsbad

RBC Canadian Economic Update

RBC Wealth Management provides an excellent high-level overview of the Canadian economy with key trends on currency, GDP, employment and housing. MAPLE Summer Event '16 - Los Angeles/Irvine/Carlsbad

How to Bankrupt Your Lawyer

Based on over 20 years of practice in complex M&A and other transactional work, as well as serving as outside general counsel to a large number of companies for corporate and business matters, Garth Stevens, partner at Snell & Wilmer, has assembled a collection of suggestions for things that businesses of all sizes can do to reduce, if not eliminate, legal problems and the associated costs that come with them. MAPLE Summer Event '16 - Los Angeles/Irvine/Carlsbad

Why Software Sucks

Software design, development and implementations are inherently flawed because humans are themselves flawed. In this presentation, Stuart Sherman, CEO of Toronto-based IMC, discusses the inherent biases which shape how we look at problems and how we design software to address. MAPLE Spring Event '16 - Los Angeles/Irvine/San Diego

County of Riverside Economic Development Agency Trade Focus

In this presentation, Richard Dozier, Economic Development Specialist at County of Riverside's Economic Development Agency, discusses the breadth of work that the County has undertaken to engage its manufacturers in growth through trade as well as the region's outreach internationally as the first county in the United States to open an Office of Foreign Trade. MAPLE Spring Event '16 - Los Angeles/Irvine/San Diego

Taking Franchises Global Successfully

Based on over 40 years of international experience and having helped over 30 franchise brands enter 68 countries, William Edwards, CEO and Founder of Edwards Global Services, a MAPLE Business Council member, shares his perspectives on Canada and international markets as well as some key considerations for planning an international expansion. MAPLE Winter Event - Irvine/San Diego.

Knowing Canada Cold - Purolator International

Part of Canada Post Group and MAPLE Business Council member, Purolator provides a breadth of shipping and logistics services for businesses moving goods and freight to/from and across Canada. An overview of Purolator's services and insights on Canadian consumers and the Canadian market are covered in this presentation. MAPLE Winter Event - Irvine/San Diego

Cross-Border Wealth Management and Tax Considerations

In this presentation, MAPLE Business Council member, Cardinal Point Wealth Management, identifies some of the portfolio considerations executives and their families should be aware of when they have assets in both Canada and the United States. Elements of a Wealth Management Action Plan, marital tax issues and common U.S. tax issues are identified. MAPLE Winter Event - Irvine/San Diego

How Should U.S. Businesses Approach Canada?

In this presentation from MAPLE member organization, Media-Corps, we look at the differences in American and Canadian media consumption with a wink to some of the stereotypes and perceptions that shape how each country regards the other. The underlying message is that market plans for Canada need to reflect both cultural nuances and fundamental differences in media usage and costs in order to be successful. MAPLE Fall Event - Irvine/LA.

FX Exposure and Risk Management - Focus on Canada

An introductory discussion by HSBC on USD/CAD FX risk, CAD influences, hedging opportunities and FX risk management. MAPLE Fall Event 2015 - Irvine/LA.

Cross-Border Success Case Study

Cerritos-based Omni-Lite Industries is a successful precision components manufacturer who began operations in Calgary focused on a single idea: how to make a better golf spike. Now Omni-Lite supplies the U.S. Military and Fortune 500 companies as a leading provider of cold-forge components. Discover how one company with Canadian roots has created market success in Southern California. MAPLE Fall Event 2015 - Irvine/LA.

Protecting Your Start-Up: Patents

An introduction to intellectual property considerations for start-ups prepared by MAPLE member organization, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP. MAPLE Summer Event 2015 - Irvine.