Helping Early-Stage Canadian Technology Companies Reach the U.S. Market


In 2011, York Bridge Capital’s founders recognized the opportunity to assist early stage Canadian technology companies reach the US market.  

Since that beginning, York Bridge Capital has expanded: geographically (to Korea); to different industry sectors (including a real estate affiliate, Elevation Bridge Realty, focused on cross-border commercial real estate investment); and to working directly with governments in facilitating foreign direct investment.  
Why Canada?

The Canadian technology sector has grown rapidly over the past 10-15 years.  The reasons include: pro-active Government programs providing tax and economic incentives; an education system encouraging entrepreneurialism; an immigration system attracting exceptional talent; and an ecosystem efficiently bridging the public and private sectors – all combining to spur Canadian entrepreneurial growth.
Growth Beyond Canada

 Most Canadian entrepreneurs want to, and must, grow beyond Canada to fully succeed.
York Bridge Capital recognized 3 missing elements – we call it “the 3Ms”: Money, Management and Market Access.   Money being access to capital, Management being access to talent with international experience, and Market Access being the ability to tap knowledgeably and efficiently into foreign markets. 
Accessing Foreign Markets

Since it’s inception in 2011, York Bridge has delivered the 3M’s – assisting Canadian companies in accessing international markets. 
Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

Over the past 2 years, York Bridge has also focused on attracting FDI to Canada; including acting as an in-market consultant, in California and Korea, for the Province of New Brunswick, to attract FDI to New Brunswick.
York Bridge Capital is proud to be promoting two-way trade and investment with Canada, and proud of our involvement in MAPLE SoCal. 

For more information on York Bridge Capital please visit the company website at or contact Ken Richards at or at (310) 435-3010.