Opportunities NB - New Brunswick's Lead Business Development Corporation

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Opportunities NB (ONB) is New Brunswick’s lead business development corporation working with companies inside and outside that Canadian province to drive economic growth and job creation. 

ONB believes strongly in the future of New Brunswick and since its inception has successfully been the catalyst for competitive and innovative economic growth and job creation.

Many of the world's most successful companies are taking advantage of New Brunswick's nearshore value proposition. Its location in Atlantic Canada is naturally strategic, enabling companies to work with all of North America and Europe in the same business day. Combine that advantage with its low cost of doing business and everything is in place to make an expansion both easy and profitable.

ONB is delivering on its mandate by attracting new business and investment by both leveraging New Brunswick’s many advantages and changing the way companies think about their own operations.

The latest world-class company to work with ONB is Cardinal Path, an international digital analytics consulting company with corporate offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, and New York City. Winners of the Digital Analytics Association’s Most Influential Agency Award for 2015, Cardinal Path’s notable clients include well-known brands like Google, Mattel, NPR, Hyundai, IBM, Electronic Arts, LG, and eBay.

In the latest ONB Case study, find out how Cardinal Path worked with ONB to establish a new East Coast location in Saint John, New Brunswick.  Read the case study on the Opportunities NB Blog.

And for more information on ONB, please visit www.onbcanada.ca or call 855.746.4662