Get to Know Purolator


Each day almost $1.5 billion worth of goods cross the U.S./Canadian border, with roughly six percent of those shipments coming directly from California businesses.

As a leading provider of cross border logistics services, Purolator International is proud of our role in helping California businesses expand their reach to the Canadian market by offering fast, innovative, and guaranteed service.

As the U.S. subsidiary of Purolator Inc., an iconic Canadian brand and that country’s leading provider of integrated freight and parcel solutions, we offer unmatched expertise in the Canadian market, based largely on our strong distribution network. As many of our Southern California customers have learned, Purolator’s ground service can have shipments in Canada significantly faster than many of our competitors. And we offer comprehensive coverage throughout the vast Canadian landscape, to every province and territory.

But success in the Canadian market is not just about a reliable logistics solution. It’s the extra steps that make the difference. For one thing, Purolator offers consolidation services as a way to reduce freight costs. And we work with each client to ensure that every shipment arrives at the border in full compliance with all U.S. and Canadian customs requirements. This includes taking the initiative to look for savings, by ensuring the proper tariff classification is assigned, and determining if a shipment is eligible for free trade benefits, or even a reimbursement of previously-paid import duties. And critically important, as a U.S. and Canadian government-recognized “trusted trader,” our shipments benefit from expedited clearance, and minimal wait times upon arrival at the border.

As Southern California continues to look north for trade opportunities, Purolator International will deliver the logistics solutions necessary to meet the challenges of competing in the Canadian market.

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