Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation Selects MAPLE for Cross-Border Investment Focus

MAPLE Business Council was selected by Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation to identify companies in Southern California who are interested in learning more about opportunities to invest and grow within Waterloo Region in Ontario Canada.

The in-market representation will focus on companies with defined investment projects in such sectors as film, production, tech manufacturing (manufacturing and connected cars), aerospace, electronics, robotics, surveillance, IOT and wearables.

Waterloo Region offers these companies a talent pool of quality engineers with employment retention rates of up to 3 years (compare to 1 year in Silicon Valley), 50-60% significantly lower business costs and generous R&D financial incentives.

Waterloo Region is part of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor which is home to over 15,000 tech companies, over 200,000 tech workers, over 423,000 students across 16 post-secondary institutions and was recognized by the Economist in 2015 as the World's Best Place to Live.

Companies interested in learning more about Waterloo Region should contact Robert Kelle (rob@maplesocal.com) or Stephen Armstrong (stephen@maplesocal.com) for more information.