TMX Group Joins MAPLE Business Council


It is with great pleasure that we announce that the TMX Group (owners of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange) has joined MAPLE Business Council.

Representing TMX Group in Southern California is Ms. Delilah Panio, Vice President of Capital Formation. Delilah originally hails from Saskatchewan and has recently returned to TMX to lead customer acquisition and brand building throughout Southern California.

You may be already aware of the public venture capital opportunity that the TSX Venture Exchange represents for scaling businesses in the U.S. Companies have an opportunity to raise risk capital on the world's most successful public venture exchange. Every year, hundreds of venture stage companies raise billions of dollars in public venture funding via the TSX Venture Exchange.

As small to early-stage companies can gain access to public venture capital and a strong foothold in the public market, larger, established companies looking to take their business to the next level can list on Toronto Stock Exchange. This two-tiered market offers U.S. companies a stepping stone to U.S. exchanges such as NYSE or Nasdaq.

We are proud to count TMX Group as a corporate member of MAPLE Business Council and look forward to working with Delilah Panio and her colleagues to help pave a 'growth bridge' between Southern California and Canada via the TMX markets.

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