Canada Post Joins MAPLE Business Council


We are delighted to announce the addition of an iconic Canadian brand to our cross-border community: Canada Post.

As Canada’s postal service and leading parcel delivery provider, nearly two out of every three online purchases in Canada are delivered by Canada Post. Canadians are also two times more likely to choose Canada Post over other brands when given the choice of who will deliver their online purchases.

Canada Post provides end-to-end solutions to enable their business customers to find, understand and ultimately deliver to every Canadian address. This includes:

  • Marketing resources, data, and insights which can identify and locate consumers most likely to shop from any industry vertical.
  • An exclusive e-commerce recipients database to view Canada through an online shopping lens. Who shops the most, where do they live, and what categories they buy?

The U.S. market offers brands and products Canadians simply can’t get, and often at lower prices. It’s no surprise that Canadians are eager to cross-border shop, but their expectations are high.

  • They want to see delivery dates and shipping costs (including customs, taxes, and duties) at checkout.
  • They’re looking for free shipping and make purchasing decisions on whether or not they get it. But they’re patient; they’ll wait longer for a product if they live outside a major city or if shipping is free.

Our MAPLE Business Council member contacts at Canada Post are:

We look forward to hearing more about the breadth of services and knowledge-based marketing insights from Canada Post at one of our upcoming quarterly series of networking events. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Serge, Jamie, and the Canada Post team to MAPLE. And thank you for your continued support.